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Pretty Lit, LLC

Art & Fable Puzzle Company: A Floral Fantasy 500 Piece Puzzle

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With our very first custom puzzle, Art & Fable invites you to enjoy the poetry and artwork of Walter Crane’s 1898 book, A Floral Fantasy in an Old English Garden.

In his book, Crane delightfully depics the mystical life and society of flowers, related here as personifications of their preeminent and glorious traits.

Originally geared towards young adults, A Floral Fantasy retains its wide appeal due to Crane’s beautiful artwork and mastery in the creation of enchanted realms.

Walter Crane's lived and worked during The Golden Age of Illustration. His artwork from page 1 and 2 of the book decorate the puzzle box, while the puzzle itself begins the story with pages 3-11.

This 500-piece puzzle will ultimately be a 2500 piece puzzle project once we have reproduced it to include all the pages of his wonderous book. It will be wonderful to see the whole series put together and displayed as one!