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Pretty Lit, LLC

Art & Fable Puzzle Company: Love Declaration; 500 Piece Puzzle

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The Love Declaration is a 500-piece puzzle featuring the art of Carl Strathman.

Carl Strathmann (1866 - 1939) was an Art Nouveau painter from Munich, Germany. Strathmann’s work is reliant on an ornate style and meticulous attention to detail that is applied to fairy-tale caricature figures, creating beautifully intricate designs bordering on the fantastical. Strathmann’s œuvre overflows with creativity and imagination, each painting is a lovingly crafted world and ranges from floral still lifes to fairy-tale scenes.
“Love Declaration” is full of the artist’s bizarre
imagery, unique personality, and historic symbolism,
which had earned the German painter great admirers
of his art from around the world. Several major works
previously thought to have been lost or destroyed,
are now preserved in Munich museums.
Credit: Carl Strathmann, carnival parade, 1913, canvas, 105 cm x 171.5 cm, Municipal Gallery in Lenbachhaus and Kunstbau Munich Side borders added by A&F Puzzle Company.